Poison Ivy Costumes

Poison Ivy is one of Batman's most deadly and seductive villains. She was created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff in 1966. She has since become one of the DC Universe's most popular villains.

Also known as Pamela Isley, she took the moniker Poison Ivy as a villainess name to conduct acts of extreme environmentalism. She uses toxic plants to create various poisons and other mind controlling substances to aid her in criminal behavior. These criminal exploits usually are based in righting some sort of environmental wrong, in whatever twisted way she has spun it. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy became friends, of sorts, and began working together at times. Together they make a deadly duo.

In 1997, Uma Thurman played the role of Poison Ivy in the film Batman & Robin. She often appears in the Batman comics as a member of his main Rogue's Gallery. She was also featured in Batman: The Animated Series, as well as the popular Rocksteady video games Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City.

If you want to be Poison Ivy this Halloween, we have everything you need to become the green villain! Our Poison Ivy costumes and accessories are great for women looking to be part of a Batman costume group or just as her own sexy comic book look.

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