Ace and Gary Costumes

Starting in 1996, The Ambiguously Gay Duo made its TV debut on the short lived (but now cult-classic) The Dana Carvey Show. It soon moved over to Saturday Night Live where it was instantly met with admiration from audiences and critics alike.

The Ambiguously Gay Duo was created by J.J. Sedelmaier and Robert Smigel (of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog fame) and consists of Ace, voiced by Stephen Colbert, and Gary, voiced by Steve Carell.

The premise of the show surrounds the mysterious if not ambiguous sexual orientation of the superhero duo. The heroes sport sky blue super suits with bright yellow gloves, boots, and pants, as well as dark blue eye masks. Each cartoon short is similar to the last, typically consisting of being called by the Commissioner to attend to some kind of villain. The result is innuendo, suggestive visual gags, and plenty of eye-raising dialogue. Everyone who encounters Ace and Gary can't seem to get passed the question on whether the duo is, in fact, gay.

Continuing as part of SNL's TV Funhouse, The Ambiguously Gay Duo remain a television favorite.

If you want to become Ace and Gary, then we have got you covered! Our Ace and Gary costumes for men recreate the hilarious and ambiguous duo, perfect for fans of the show. Become the most popular guys at the party when you team up in our Ace and Gary costumes!

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